A beautiful leather bag

A beautiful bag for life. One that holds everything you need and everything you don’t need but carry around anyway. Isn’t that what we all dream of? Aunts & Uncles searched the world for the perfect leather to do the trick  in the end figured it out; they make fantastic leather bags!

They dye their leather almost without exeption vegetably and only work with manufacturies , which offer very good working conditions and a very humane working climate. They run a wide collection and do lots of different colors for each bag. The cute thing about Aunts&Uncles is that they were surprised by their own success. But I’m not! I love their leather bags!

Aunts & Uncles even sell cool ones like messenger bags for guys. And that should be added to the 7 world wonders since nice guys bags are hard to come by. So now go and check out their website (which is utterly cool) and tell me which bag is your favourite!