Maaike-Louise Bakker, Founder of Ecolicious | Ecolicious Owner sustainable blog biologisch duurzaam duurzame lifestyle ecologisch zelfmaken eco friendly fair tradeHi! I’m Maaike-Louise from the Netherlands and founder of the Ecolicious Blog. I’m a big sustainability fan and love to inspire you.

My mission in short; making your life easy and show you where all the cool vintage, ecological, fair-trade products are on the web. So that all you have to do is go and get them. To make Ecolicious even more fun I’ll throw in repurpose DIY ideas as well.

I love interior decorating, DIY ideas, repurposing  old things, shopping, vintage finds, sustainable kids’ stuff, stationary, cooking and eating out in restaurants. So that is exactly what I will write about.

At Ecolicious I’ll share my happy thoughts on sustainability. I will refrain from explaining why fair-trade, biological or ecological products are a sound idea. You’ve come here, at Ecolicious, so I guess you share my views about a lovely, healthy world. Neither will I tell you what the best solution to world problems are. Sometimes the discussions get complicated: should you buy the biological chocolate or choose the fair-trade bar?  Let’s just conclude that getting the regular, neither fair-trade nor biological, is the worst choice. Would you want to dive into the matter after all: go wild on the web, there are lots of sites that will explain it all to you.

Then about my sustainability addiction: it must have started when I was around five. I figured that if war came to my back garden, I would hop onto a soapbox and tell the baddies that ruining the land you want, doesn’t make sense. The baddies would then see my point and stop fighting (how cute is that!). Growing up, I kept believing in a better world, being a veggie and working as a volunteer when I was a psychology student. But then, just before hitting 30, I thought; it’s just me, myself and I. I won’t make a difference on my own, will I? And I sort of lost my zeal.

However, when I became a mother, I realised that I really do want a beautiful planet. For me and especially for my son and daughter. Becoming a mother put me back on track and even more enthusiastic about it all.

I acknowledge that our lives will never be completely sustainable. Choosing the sustainable alternative costs energy. You have to think twice if you want to make the better choice because in our busy lives it’s often so much easier to just go for the plastic imported product you’ll find in your local shop.

To save you the trouble of searching the web and spending lots of time, I’ll show you what I think is worthwhile. Because I believe that if I choose the sustainable alternative from time to time and you do the same thing, together we’ll make a positive change effortlessly.

In conclusion: for me the coolest thing about sustainable products is that I’m always much happier with them than with the ordinary things in my house. I love that Yeah-I-Saved-The-World-Feeling. Don’t you?

XOX Maaike-Louise