Babongo: lovely shop for eco-friendly paper products

paper products eco friendly
Minimega ~ Wrapping paper | 2 Seventy Tree ~ Greeting card | 3 ¿Adónde? ~ Cardboard basket | 4 Pini Piru ~ Tote bag | 5 Jurianne Matter ~ Blom

I love paper. I love recycled and eco-friendly products. I love renewing designers. So I really, totally love Babongo. I always find it such a thrill to find an on-line shop that sells things in exactly my style and sustainable to. Babongo is such an on-line shop for me; it has it all.

theepot plaatje

Left: Saana ja Olli ~ Kettle holder | Right: Peris and Corr ~ Tote bag

The Babongo range includes eco-friendly paper products like birthday cards, wrapping paper and all sorts of unsuspected other paper things that are either recycled or FSC certified. They also sell interior products like wallets, tote bags and such. Well, as I said: everything I like really.

babongo fsc certified paper

 Left: Babongo ~ Upcycled mobile | Right: Kim Welling ~ Instant Comfort Pocket Box

The web shop is owned by Nicole Blaak. Nicole has the same idea I have: she wants to show the world that it can be fun being green.  When I contacted Nicole the other day I found out that she lives just a few blocks from the place very where I grew up in the north of the Netherlands.  What a coincidence don’t you think? Maybe it’s the air around my old neighborhood that makes people optimistic and sustainable stuff loving. Who knows?recycled paper stationary

Kim Welling ~ Greeting card

If you have some spare time: take a minute to click on the designers from the products featured in this post. All the designers have such cool sites and blogs! It took me an extra evening to finish this post, admiring and reading all their lovely sites. I just could not help it. Which product do you love best? Leave a comment and win a two lovely notbooks from Allihopa. Read more about this Ecolicious Giveaway in this giveaway post!