Who else wants: a steel water bottle

1 Pura | 2 & 3 Klean Kanteen | 4 Green Kid | 5 Green Bottle | 6 Earthlust

Choosing a decent sustainable steel water bottle almost drove me insane. There are so many different ones to choose from! In the end I managed to choose a plastic water bottle I didn’t really like. So I thought I’d help you with choosing your steel water bottle and show you some cool options.

First, let me first tell you about the material steel bottles are made of: they are either made of Aluminium or Stainless Steel.  The upside of Aluminium is that it is light to carry around. The downside is that Aluminium needs a liner. Unfortunately brands like Sigg won’t tell what their liners are made of. And although liners are probably save for consumers, it still makes you wonder why brands won’t  share what’s in them. Comparing aluminium and stainless steel: in the long run stainless steel is more durable than aluminium.

So next to aluminium bottles there are stainless steel bottles. Stainless steel bottles are heavier than aluminium bottles but also more durable. I’ve been using two Klean Kanteen stainless steel bottles as school bottles for my son. I bought them at a very nice Dutch webshop that stocks a lot of Klean Kanteen bottles: Greenjump. After one year of heavy usage they are still good to go (and let me tell you, being used daily by a 4 year old boy is a very heavy durability test!). If you really want to dive in to the matter, visit the Consumerresearch website  for water bottle reviews. If you want to see some more water bottle brands check out the site of Go Green Travel Green where they sum up all the bottles they think are best.

A while ago I unfortunately chose a bottle I didn’t like. I was so busy trying to find out which bottle was best that somewhere along the process I forget I wanted a steel one. I ended up buying a Aquatina collapsible plastic water bottle. I thought that it would come in handy when I was travelling by train (which I do quite a lot) because is small and light weight. But it’s plastic! And impossible to clean properly. Plus I thought it had a funny taste. So I don’t use it. What a waste right? (sorry Aquatina people!). The green bottle in the picture is from Crocodile Creek. Although it’s okay, the Klean Kanteen cap is better in keeping the water where it should be. I will definitely treat myself a Klean Kanteen bottle soon! I’m very curious to hear your water bottle stories!