What were they thinking?

The cards and sticky notes Anne Taintor makes are printed on recycled paper and made with vegetable ink. Reading their texts really makes me wonder what these women might have thought way back. They all look happy and seem to be picture perfect house wives. Reality must have been completely different. I’d like to think Anne got most of the women’s thoughts right.

Would you have thought that an old magazine could have been be the start of Anne Taintor’s worldwide business? Well the story goes that Anne Taintor once came across an old issue of Ladies Home Journaland started her business in 1985 by creating collages of women and their assumed thoughts. Maybe it’s time to start cutting up some magazines ourselves. I actually did some other time, read about it in my post about DIY wallpaper. And if you do also, I’d love to see what you’ve created!

One of my favourite Dutch web shops, Babongo, sells the cards and sticky notes. I love sending snail mail, don’t you? So I think I’ll just make up an occasion so I can send one of those cards to a friend. Whom would you like to send one of Anne Taintor’s cards?